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Roman earrings

Roman earrings for our shop

It was probably love at first sight: when we saw the antique earrings from the 5th to 2nd centuries B.C. discovered in the offer of a London auction house, it was immediately clear: ...


A fabulous Renaissance ring

In the past art epochs, the Renaissance, among other things, produced particularly elaborately decorated and very colorful and valuable pieces of jewelry. Especially in the late Renaissance around 1600 at the transition to the Baroque...

jewelry factory in the hesse show

Thank you, dear HESSENSCHAU!

During this year's pre-Christmas period, which was as usual quiet and contemplative, the Hessischer Rundfunk team temporarily and somewhat surprisingly upset our everyday life: The editorial staff of the online magazine of the hr...

Replica Roman pendant

A Roman pendant

From the beginning of next year we will significantly expand our range of handmade unique items in our shop. There are many great and high-quality replicas of medieval and antique jewelry such as ...

Atelier stamp of the company Schmuck-Werk

Our studio stamp “St.” and "UF"

When making replicas of historical goldsmith objects on the basis of original craftsmanship and extensive patination methods, we regularly come very close to the effect and charisma of the historical originals. ...

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A trained goldsmith with many years of professional experience and instructor of goldsmith courses as well as a trained watchmaker and passionate autodidact for historical arts and crafts techniques with extensive additional knowledge as a project manager complement each other perfectly when it comes to optimal solutions for the realization of your dream object goes.