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Replica medieval pendant fibula disc fibula

An enamelled pendant in the shape of a fibula

Since the precise grinding of individual almandine plates for the production of replicas of medieval disc brooches is extremely complex and very time-consuming and is therefore always reflected in the price, we have ...

Medieval pontifical ring

A magnificent pontifical ring

For 1000 years now, the highest dignitaries of the Christian churches have worn a so-called pontifical ring in their liturgical official acts ("pontificals") in addition to other insignia, e.g. bishops have a bishop's ring, cardinals ...

Pendant with handcrafted medieval filigree jewelry

The magic of medieval filigree jewellery

For a long time I have been fascinated by the enormous variety and the overwhelming and well thought-out optical effect of filigree jewelery on medieval goldsmith objects. In addition to church book bindings and reliquaries, processional crosses, ...

Almandin fibula with plenty of patina

A fibula with a pronounced patina

For the production of high-quality jewelry replicas, not only the intensive study and mastery of historical goldsmith techniques are absolutely necessary, but also the reproduction of a patina that is as convincing as possible. Ultimately depends on a...

Earring Mainzer Giselaschmuck gold jewellery

The earring from the Mainz “Giselaschmuck”

The Mainz gold jewelry, formerly better known as the so-called "Gisela jewelry" or "jewelry of Empress Agnes" has been considered one of the main works of medieval European goldsmithing for decades. The exciting stories about ...

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