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Family goldsmithing excursion on the volcano

Family goldsmithing excursion on the volcano

After the exertions and hardships during the unspeakable corona pandemic, two families in quick succession used the long-awaited relaxation during the summer for a family trip to the goldsmiths together...

Garment patch for the Reliquary Cross of Valasse

The reliquary cross of Valasse

There are customers who are so wonderfully and pleasantly uncompromising in their passion and perfectionism that working with you and, above all, the result of these joint efforts ultimately ...

Beautiful binding for book cover collectors

Tips for book cover collectors

Materials science and art technology as research at the Bavarian State Library - a special treat for every book cover collector. For a passionate book cover collector, the sight of a magnificent medieval gemstone binding from a former ecclesiastical or ...

sword belt

A princely sword belt

The King Lionheart costume of our extraordinary regular customer is getting more and more magnificent: Now, after the robe patches and a coat clasp, we were also allowed to give him an elaborate belt clasp with the King Lionhearts seal as well as...

Result goldsmith course

A crowned goldsmith course

A participant who was as passionate as she was talented booked a goldsmith course with us for a few days at the turn of the year in order to finally fulfill a long-cherished wish: A small ...

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