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A Roman made from marzipan

A Roman made from marzipan

Of course, this post is not meant entirely seriously and should be seen as a welcome change from my often too strict goldsmith's everyday life 😉: I was...

The queen of the magnificent primers

The queen of the brooches

With this extraordinary replica of a large, magnificent disc brooch, we are consistently continuing the path we have taken so far - the production of replicas in the style of historical pieces of jewelry in museum quality. This replica…

Disc brooches in museum quality

A museum quality primer

A customer had a really charming idea: Apparently she and some of her former classmates were so happy with their history teacher at the time that after all the...

Treasure of Preslav or Preslav

Charming Byzantine earrings

It is truly astonishing what fascinating craftsmanship ancient or medieval goldsmiths possessed, considering the tools, processing techniques and lighting options available at the time. What’s even more remarkable is…

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